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If you compare a web design from 10 years ago to one from today, one of the first things you will notice is the optimum use of white space and minimalism.

This in part is due to the change in people’s habits and also in the way that Google algorithms have changed over the years. We no longer have to cram every inch of a web page with writing and keyword stuffing in order for it to rank high in the search engines, instead, your rankings are greatly increased on user activity whilst on the site, how long they remain on the site, how fast it loads and how well it is structured. 

With that in mind, the use of white space has become fundamental in design, helping to draw your visitor’s attention to what’s important whilst providing an eye-pleasing, uncluttered environment.

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Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” which is why Google is heavily invested in making the internet more accessible for people with disabilities. 

The more your website is made accessible, the more favourable your site will be for search engines. Things to consider are colour contrasts for people with a red-green colour deficiency which affects 8% of the population. Some people with learning difficulties benefit greatly when colour is used to distinguish content structure. 

To help distinguish changes in content, use visual indicators such as arrows, asterisks or question marks, and utilise white space to separate blocks of text.

On forms, use labels so that people utilising screen readers can see what details need to be placed where, and if using the tab function to skip between fields, ensure it follows the same visual pattern.  

There are many other functions to consider for making your websites more accessible, such as adding alternative text to images and a lot to consider when designing your website.

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Our Strong Points

At Twisted Spire we have been growing and evolving since day one, keeping up with the trends so that our clients are always at the front of the queue. 

From start to finish the structure is built correctly right from the word go to ensure the recommended technical SEO standards are maintained, which makes our sites more favourable than DIY website builders.

We are affiliated with Siteground and utilise world-class ultrafast and highly secure servers, giving you the competitive edge against your competitors. 

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Our websites are designed and developed in-house, unlike others who will use freelancers from all over the world, charging you a premium price for maximum profit. 

Designing and developing a website takes time, skill and experience to ensure that your goals and objectives are clearly laid out and accounted for.

Next time you see an advert for a 24hr website, or £99 website built for you – consider how much care and attention is put towards achieving your wants and needs.

Project Managed from start to finish

Agile Design and Development

With years of experience in Project Management, we know how fundamental it is to keep the client involved to maintain deadlines and keep within budget. 

From the start, you are provided with a framework of what to expect and when to expect it. 

During the development stage, you have full access to the build platform and a unique project system which allows you to view, comment, set tasks and chat live with the dedicated account manager and designer.

Communication is Key

From start to finish communication between the account manager, designer and client is the key to success with dedicated timeline touch points throughout. 

Checks, Tests and Go-Live

Prior to going live, we run your website through a deep and thorough comprehensive 200 check and test process to ensure no avoidable nasty surprises occur after going live, for example

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Not to be confused with Digital Advertising, marketing in a digital landscape is targeting organic rather than paid traffic to your website.

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Attract, engage and connect with new customers with a robust social strategy and utilise the power of social media.

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With Digital Advertising you can target your products and services directly to your ideal consumer, ensuring your advert reaches the right people

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