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Web Design and digital marketing

Twisted Spire was founded around a few core ideas, among them: build beautiful, immersive, feature-rich web design and digital marketing that are as engaging as they are easy to navigate. We understand a universal need common to all of our clientele — the ability to manage your website after it’s developed. This is why we specialise in WordPress development.

WordPress is a powerful, dynamic content management system (CMS) which powers some of the web’s most robust websites. We construct dynamic WordPress sites with a primary focus on a return on your investment (ROI). With experience developing corporate websites, online shops (e-commerce websites), local business websites, lead-generating sites and blogs, Twisted Spire is your number one choice for web design and digital marketing for SEO local results.

Search Engine Optimisation

A common issue faced by start-ups and large corporations alike is driving traffic to their website once it’s built. There are many ways of marketing a website, but one clear-cut way of increasing your visibility online, and in turn, generating more revenue from your website is search engine optimization (SEO) and getting quality SEO local results.

Search engine optimization is the art of increasing your website’s visibility on the internet’s largest search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. With our SEO services, we shoot beyond the stars. Our skilled SEOs establish goals for page 1 rankings, without losing sight of our client’s bottom line. Maximizing the return on your investment through SEO is our primary priority while offering consultations providing insight on other relevant forms of web design and digital marketing.

Social media management

Our local social media marketing services are so good that we offer a free trial for qualifying businesses. What’s included for your brand, company, or practice?

For your free trial, we are going to offer you a couple of things.

-First, we are going to work on your Facebook profile. We call this a Facebook Makeover. What’s involved? We will do some designing as well as complete vital elements of your small business marketing page content so you will be in a better position to develop a relationship with your prospective client on social media channels, increase brand awareness, get your target audience to contact you, and sell your product or service to potential customers.

-Then we will provide a 7-day takeover of the marketing for your Facebook company page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m hoping to have answered your most common questions below, but if you wish to have a one to one chat about anything else then please give me a call on 01246 488002 or drop me an email.

How long does it take to build a website and how much does it cost?

This completely depends on what you require. It takes longer to build a bespoke fully functional eCommerce website than it dows to create a single sheet landing page for a new product or service being launched. 

Obviously, the more work required, the higher the costs. Use our pricing guide to get an estimate on your next project.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems among the web design and digital marketing community in the world. CMS: Content Management System is an application that allows publishing, edit, update or delete content, as well as website maintenance from a central interface. 

For non-techs it’s the easiest and powerful website CMS and blogging tool. Anyone with basic computer skill & knowledge can update and control the website’s content and other media files such as images, videos etc. and you don’t need to hire any webmaster or developer to update your website, you can update your website by yourself in the comfort of your home/office. Twisted Spire is always available to assist you at any time.

Do you redesign existing web sites and can I transfer my site to you?

We most certainly do! Before we agree to carry out any redesign work, we will first conduct an onboarding process to determine firstly, why you want a redesign and if those reasons are valid. The reasoning behind this is to ensure you get a positive ROI and to ensure the project captures the entire scope of your requirements.  

Provided you have a current WordPress website, we can transfer your website and domain onto out hosting servers free of charge.

Will my website work on smartphones?

Yes. With a whopping 94% of internet access now being conducted via smartphones, it is essential that all websites are now mobile responsive. 

All of our websites are designed with a mobile-first process which means that information and functionality are not sacrificed when compared to a website viewed on a desktop computer or laptop.

I already have a website but it's not WordPress - what can you do?

If you already have a website build on a different platform such as, Wix, Weebly or something else – don’t worry, 99% of the time this can be actioned and get you transferred over to WordPress.

Many people when first starting out are enticed to build their own site by well-known brands offering good, quality websites cheaply. Until of course, you need to actually do something with the website and the hidden charges materialise. 

Before any work is carried out I will review your site and advise your best course of action for the budget which you have.

Do you offer aftercare support once the website is launched?

Of course. Once your website is designed and ready for deployment, you have an option to take the site away and host it where you like. Alternatively, come on board with Twisted Spire and join many of my satisfied clients who benefit from super-fast cloud hosting, free top security preventing your site from getting hacked, comprehensive disaster recovery plans, free daily backups and monthly customer care reports, plus much more such as improving your SEO local results.

How do I contact you for support?

We are always happy to help support you, whether you are an existing client or not. If we can help, then we will or advise you accordingly your best options available. 

For existing clients, you can either log in to the client portal (access button in this websites footer below) where you can raise a support ticket or view the many ‘How To’ documents and videos I’ve created for you.

For urgent enquiries, please contact me directly on 01246 488002 or via email.

What can I expect from digital marketing & Social media management?

A pivotal factor in your online perception is your reputation on social networks. It’s no secret that consumers invest more trust in a business with a larger following versus the one without. Beyond the number of followers, likes or connections on your various networks is an even more crucial aspect — how many of those people convert to engagements, and eventually, leads or purchases.

Our approach to online marketing campaigns sets the focal point on your conversion rate. Social media marketing improves your standing on search engines, develops your brand, sells your products, and opens floodgates of traffic to your website. We offer scalable digital marketing consulting and social media management packages to suit the needs of businesses and individuals of all sizes. We aim to not only generate new customers, but serve your current ones better, as well.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

According to Google, they say that in most cases SEO local results can take between 4 months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see a potential benefit on your ROI.

A new client of mine started up a Self-Storage business in Chesterfield but was struggling to get customers as he was not being found. Whilst we implemented his SEO to gain organically higher rankings, we ran a simple local advertising campaign on Google. Within a week he started seeing more customers and better results all round.

Do you charge for content creation?

In order for your business to succeed in its online endeavours, you need to constantly engage your audience and customer base. This starts from the very inception of your site — the content made available to the reader on your individual web pages. Many business owners don’t realize how much content goes into creating a thorough website, and how much more is required on a regular basis to keep it relevant and updated.

Twisted Spire offers affordable, scalable content creation and copywriting. For more complex projects we will work with trusted third parties to ensure quality.

Our in-house content creators follow SEO best practices, in order to ensure the content written for your website will rank for relevant search queries, and increase your traffic and engagement.

Do you do branding?

Every successful business, regardless of its medium, is founded around solid brand identity. Companies as prominent as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony all share one commonality — their ubiquitous presence. Their logos and brand names are recognisable in every part of the world. 

Designing and developing a business brand is extremely complex and we leave that entirely in the capable hands of a trusted third-party partner. 

Can I use images from my website elsewhere?

All images supplied directly from Twisted Spire to you come fully licenced for use, be it stock images or photographic and videographic works created and provided by us.

For any images which you have supplied to Twisted Spire, we will assume that you have full IP rights to use the images as detailed in the terms and conditions.

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