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One-Stop Digital Agency

Twisted Spire is one of Derbyshire’s fastest growing 5-star rated digital marketing agencies

Web Design​

WordPress website design and development for businesses.

Social Media

Hands-on full service Social Media Management.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Optimising your website to drive organic, non-paid traffic.

Digital Consulting ​​

Discover what is, what's not and what could be working for you.

Digital Advertising & PPC

Bespoke targeting through online digital advertising.

Social Strategy

DIY social media strategy plans to help generate engagement.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

All of our work is focused on one ultimate goal – getting you more sales. 

Our websites are built with a detailed technical SEO standard favoured by Google.

Our social media campaigns and created to drive awareness and engagement.

On-page and off-page SEO gets your website optimised for the organic, non-paid section of Google Search Engines.

And our PPC campaigns get you running higher than your competitors bringing in more traffic, conversions and sales. 

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The ROI Experts

We are so confident in our ability to generate a profit on your investment that we offer a money-back guarantee that we can get you more leads, conversions and sales. That’s right, a money-back guarantee – so what have you got to lose?

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Best Practices

So you’ve built yourself a website, you’ve tried social media, SEO and PPC, the full works and still didn’t get the returns you expected. 

Our tried and tested methods focus on growing three key areas of your business’s digital presence.

  1. Relevancy
  2. Authority
  3. Usefulness


Unless all three aspects are working in synergy, your efforts are doomed to fail. Try Twisted Spire today, and together we will make your business grow.

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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Without a shadow of a doubt, our best social product is prior planning. Without a plan, detailed strategy and set KPIs then it doesn’t matter which social channel you use.

The simple answer is NO. Each social channel has a certain element, a certain focus group, and a certain methodology required. The chances of all your ideal customers being on each and every channel are slim to none. 

Try to be good on one channel, rather than being mediocre on several.

Is your content relevant for the topic people are searching for? Does it scream authority in the field you are writing about? Is the content useful and structured correctly? If so then YES, it will improve your SEO score. 

Certainly, but I won’t. 

There are ways to boost your business instantly, but this will be heavily penalised and detrimental to your online activities. Be extreamly cautious about those who claim to be able to get you ranking No1 overnight as they will undoubtedly be using ‘Black-Hat’ SEO techniques. 

Instead, think about your long term goals, and have a detailed strategy for getting a steady stream of recurring income. 

There’s the fast way, and there’s the correct way.

Research, plan and set clear, realistic and achievable goals.

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Yes. We provide a full service and offer a hefty discount when taking on two or more services at the same time. 

Each service we provide can be taken individually or combined to work together. However, be aware that some services may be negatively affected if the right groundwork isn’t completed first. 

For example, running a social media campaign may get poor results if your landing page and website are badly designed or not relevant to the product you are promoting.

We have a 100% success rate. Our methods, processes and tools are tried and tested on ourselves prior to rolling out to clients. 

Check out our 5 Star feedback and see what our past clients say. 

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together