6 things to plan with your new website
Joss Barnes

Joss Barnes

Founder of Twisted Spire Digital Media.

6 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New Website 2021

Are you thinking about creating a new website for your business? Here are 6 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New Website 2021 and taking your business online.

     most important thing to consider for a websiteCHOOSE A METHOD

The first and most important decision – Do you want to build the site yourself or employ a professional to do it for you? Making a website with an online builder where you can build the website yourself as advertised on TV can be cost-effective and fun, but it is also difficult and extremely time-consuming, especially if you want a professional-looking site. Some people think it’s just a matter of placing a picture here, writing content there, but don’t be fooled, it’s a whole lot more than that and not a simple as you may think!  

best colours to choose for a website

2 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New WebsiteCHOOSE & CONTROL THE DOMAIN (WEBSITE ADDRESS)

Whether you register the domain or have someone do it for you, it is VITAL that you make sure that YOU are the legal owner of the domain. At Twisted Spire we believe that it is only fair and right that the customer is the legal owner of the domain address and by doing so gives the customer more control over its use. Basically – Whoever controls the domain, controls the site.

For example, if our customer decides to leave Twisted Spire several years down the line, then the customer can take the domain with them without any financial loss or penalty. 

For those already with a website created by somebody else – Do you know who legally owns the domain? Many businesses assume it is them but find that they are not the legal owners when it comes to moving services elsewhere which can quickly become very, very expensive. It’s worth checking don’t you think? 

3 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New WebsiteDECIDE THE WEBSITE PURPOSE

Do you want a great site that attracts more visitors, or simply just a presence online? 

Do you plan on advertising products, services or wears? selling products or services directly with a checkout function? Process and/or hold data from the website? 

Websites can be used for many different things with many different functions. You need to decide what exactly you want your website to do for you and your customers.

We are half way through the 6 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New Website. Out of the first three items, which will you implement first?

4 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New WebsiteSTRUCTURE & CONTENT

How will the site and pages look to your customers when they arrive at your website? The site map and pages require mapping to ensure that they clearly flow together, ensuring that content is clean, clear, correct and relevant, including high-quality images are used and ensuring that the images are legal from a copyright perspective. 

At Twisted Spire, we ensure that all our images supplied to you are licenced for use.

website content structure

5 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New WebsiteLINK & PROMOTE

Link all your social channels back to the website with just one click; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. 

Your website is your ultimate marketing tool.

6 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New WebsiteENGAGEMENT & UPDATES

And the last of the 6 Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your New Website 2021 – Keep the website fresh and relevant by regularly updating your website. Would you want to read the same newspaper article again and again and again? No? Well, neither do your customers. Tell your visitors what you are doing, what’s new and give them a reason to engage with you.

P.S. – Thank you for reading, and for any further information please contact Twisted Spire and find out what we can do for you and your new website and promoting your digital presence online. 

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